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The most important information about the monorail project

Egypt is working to catch up with development in all fields.

After initiating the construction of many development and housing projects throughout the Republic, the state has started to build the monorail, which will revolutionize the transportation system in Cairo and the new capital.

If you are wondering: What is a monorail project? Or how will the ticket price be determined? You will find the answers to all this and more in this article.

What is a monorail?

The monorail can be described as an electric train that runs on single rails, as these rails are executed on a concrete beam far from the surface of the ground and traffic intersections.

The monorail project is environmentally friendly; It does not cause the exhaust that normal trains do. In addition, the monorail is less expensive than the subway project, and it is also fast and safe, so it allows transportation between different parts of the city without causing traffic congestion or environmental pollution.


What is Egypt’s plan to establish the monorail project?

  • In an attempt to reduce pressure on Cairo and link it with new cities, the state is working to establish two monorail lines within the first phase of the project, which will be financed by an international soft loan from the Export Bank of Canada.
  • The design speed of the project is 80 km/h, and it can accommodate a quarter of a million passengers per day. The duration of the trip is as follows:
  • The first line connects 6th of October City with Al-Mohandessin District in a 32-minute journey. The Nasr City Monorail line connects Cairo and the New Administrative Capital in a period of 60 minutes.
  • The companies implementing this project will work under the supervision of the National Authority for Tunnels of the Ministry of Transport; The ministry is also working to transfer Bombardier’s expertise to Egyptian hands, and plans to establish a factory in eastern Port Said to manufacture monorails.


What companies are based on this project?

  • The state contracted with a consortium of three companies to carry out the design and implementation of the monorail lines. This alliance will also operate and manage the project for a period of thirty years – from the date of project implementation – under the usufruct system. The alliance consists of:
  • Bombardier company based on signaling and communication systems, in addition to the supply of trains. Orascom Construction and the Arab Contractors, which will carry out the civil works for the project.
  • The National Authority for Tunnels also selected a consortium of two companies to carry out the advisory and supervisory work for the monorail project. This alliance was chosen after submitting the lowest cost offer within the tender offered by the authority; These companies are:
  • Hill International, USA Gigi Group Egyptian Company.


What is the path of the administrative capital monorail?

  • One of the main objectives of this project is to facilitate access to the New Administrative Capital from Greater Cairo, so this line extends over a length of 56.5 km; The monorail itinerary includes 21 stations:
  • Stadium – Hisham Barakat – Nouri Khattab – District Seven – Zakir Hussein – Free Zone – Moshir Tantawy – Cairo Festival – Choueifat – Air Hospital – Narges District – Mohamed Naguib – American University – Emaar – Nafoura Square – Al Barwa – Middle Ring Road – Mohamed bin Zayed Regional Ring Road – Al Masa Hotel – Ministries District – Administrative Capital.

What is the timeline for the monorail project?

  • The National Authority for Tunnels clarified that it is planned to complete both projects within three and a half years, since the date of contracting with the implementing coalition; While the first phase of the Monorail Administrative Capital project takes 34 months to open in October 2022, work on the second phase of the same line is scheduled to be completed in February 2023.
  • On the other hand, the implementation of the October monorail line will take 42 months since the date of activating the contract, and it will link between Giza City (Gamaet El-Dawwal Street) and Sixth of October City, and it will be opened in mid-2023.

How will the price of the monorail ticket be determined?

  • The monorail may be similar to the subway in that they both run on electricity; But unlike the metro ticket, the monorail ticket will not be subsidized by the state, and the government, in conjunction with the coalition of companies responsible for implementation and operation, will determine the appropriate price for the ticket.
  • It is worth noting that the ticket price will be determined in an economic way that does not constitute a burden on the citizen, but only covers operating and maintenance expenses, while the state is satisfied with bearing the cost of implementing the infrastructure of the two Monorail Egypt lines.

What are the residential neighborhoods that benefit the most from the monorail project?

The monorail project in Egypt will change the residential map of the areas in which it is located. In addition to linking different parts of Cairo with each other, the monorail will also accelerate the movement of movement between these neighborhoods; In the following, we will show you the most residential neighborhoods that benefited from this huge project.


Monorail New Capital Project:

  • Nasr City: The administrative capital’s monorail starts from Youssef Abbas Street in Nasr City, where it connects the third line of the metro in the new capital, and there are 6 monorail stations in Nasr City, namely: the stadium, Hisham Barakat, Nuri Khattab, the seventh district, and Zakir Hussain, Free Zone.
  • Fifth Settlement: There are many monorail stations in the heart of New Cairo, as it extends from Al-Moshir Tantawy Station, then Cairo Festival City, all the way to the American University.
  • There is no doubt that the residents of the assembly will benefit greatly from the monorail project. So if you intend to move there and want to know more about the most important places in it, you will find on Property Finder everything you need to know about the city of New Cairo.
  • The New Administrative Capital: The monorail is considered one of the most important means of transportation that connects the New Administrative Capital with Cairo, and the most important stations there are: the Ministries District Station and the Administrative Capital Station.
  • In conclusion, we can say that the monorail project is one of the best transportation projects being built in Cairo and the Administrative Capital, as it will make movement easier and faster for the residents of these two cities.

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