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New Cairo Map


If you are looking for luxury housing and live among green spaces and enjoy privacy and tranquility, you must own your unit in the new cities, and the most important of them are New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement area and the Beit Al Watan area because they are one of the best places for real estate investment, as they mix in their residential projects between sophistication, luxury, a life of luxury, privacy and security, as well as All the services you need are available when living in one of the residential units in these areas, so we will learn through this article on the map of New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement and Bait Al Watan to choose the area that suits you.


Full New Cairo Map:

  • New Cairo is considered one of the best investment cities in the field of real estate, which has gained a strong demand from those wishing to live and investors outside and inside Egypt, as it includes a large and wonderful group of malls and recreational places, as well as areas in which residential projects have been established, including the Fifth Settlement area in all its neighborhoods and the Beit Al Watan area with its distinctive neighborhoods.
  • Although these places are distinguished in the design of their residential projects and the division of their neighborhoods, the prices of the units are suitable for all groups, and there are installment systems that suit the collection, from which you can choose what you want, and there are apartments for sale in New Cairo of different sizes, which have been divided from the inside to suit all individuals your family.
  • As for the exterior design of the units, they combined the European and Egyptian style to show luxury, distinction and luxury life at the same time. You can own the right unit for you in the place you want.
  • All units of residential projects are integrated with facilities and services, and there are entertainment and marketing places within steps of your housing unit. There are also many clubs, gyms, parking lots and paved roads that connect these areas in Greater Cairo and the rest of the governorates. These places are a real investment opportunity for all investors and those wishing to live in Distinguished luxury.


Features of New Cairo City:

  • New Cairo City is an extension of Greater Cairo as it was established to reduce the housing burden on Cairo Governorate, so the Urban Communities Authority has made a large group of housing projects with wonderful and distinctive designs that suit all groups, whether young people, low-income people, investors, businessmen and the middle class.
  • This city is characterized by a moderate climate in most seasons of the year, because this city was established at a level higher than sea level, so its population reached 5 million people, due to the presence of many advantages, including its proximity to Greater Cairo and the presence of public transportation to move from one place to another.
  • The presence of many equipped gyms for women and men, adults and children, and the presence of covered swimming pools for women, which include many international restaurants, cafés and clubs, and not forgetting the presence of conference and celebration halls for real estate owners and residential units.

Entertainment places in New Cairo:

  • There are many recreational and marketing places and services surrounding the residential projects, so they have taken up a large area of ​​the city. These services, entertainment places and services were established on an area of ​​18.2 thousand acres.
  • This space has been established in which the world-famous malls, which include all international brands, in addition to restaurants and cafés, not forgetting the clubs, gym facilities and swimming pools, as well as cultural areas such as public libraries and educational places such as public and private schools and international universities.
  • Mosques with large areas and distinctive architectural designs were also established, and we do not forget the presence of large green spaces that surround the residential projects from all directions, thus you find privacy and security when owning your unit in this city.


Map of the Fifth Settlement – New Cairo:

  • The Fifth Settlement area has been sewn and implemented since 2000, and an area of ​​70,000 acres near Greater Cairo has been allocated for the establishment of the Fifth Settlement area, so it is a distinctive area as it is located on the Cairo-Suez Road in the north, and near Ain Sukhna Road in the south, so it is one of the most attractive investment areas for residents .
  • The Fifth Settlement area includes a large group of high-end residential neighborhoods with distinctive architectural designs. Among these neighborhoods are Al-Banafseg neighborhood, Al-Yasmeen neighborhood, South Academy neighborhood and Diplomatic neighborhood, next to the Golf area and West Arabella, and there are other residential neighborhoods with integrated services and facilities.
  • All residential projects in the neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement have integrated facilities and services, including security, guarding, and the presence of gates to enter the area, security and guarding on them and on real estate 24 hours. This area includes many banks, administrative institutions, and government institutions.
  • Many international malls have been established that are located near all residential projects, and you can take a walk in restaurants, cafes and commercial markets, in addition to the presence of amusement parks for children and adults that you can spend a good time with.
  • And because the area of the Fifth Settlement is large and there is a group of diverse residential neighborhoods within it, it was necessary to establish international malls, and the most important malls in the neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement are: Katameya Heights Mall, Landmark Mall, Mirage City Mall, and Al-Dawwan Town Mall.
  • Among the most important entertainment places are Magic Planet Games City, Magic Stores Amusement Park, New Cairo Park, and Family Park. As for the clubs, a number of special and distinguished clubs have spread, including Al-Zohour Sports Club, New Cairo Club, and Wadi Degla Club.


Banafseg neighborhood map:

  • Banafseg Neighborhood is considered one of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement. It is distinguished by its privileged location near the main 90th Street, which has many services and entertainment and marketing places. This neighborhood has been divided into two parts, an area for the construction of villas, and the other for the construction of residential buildings.
  • The villas area includes 12 distinct areas that you can easily reach through the 90th Street or use the ring road that is located near the Police Academy. This neighborhood includes a wide range of services and recreational places, and you can find luxury housing units and housing units for upper-middle housing, all units are integrated Facilities and there are different spaces you can choose the appropriate space for you.

Andalus neighborhood map:

  • Al-Andalus neighborhood is one of the most important residential neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement. It is distinguished by its distinguished location, as it is 20 km from the entrance to the city of Cairo. This neighborhood is located near Al-Taseen Street. On the south side of this neighborhood is the area of ​​private universities and institutes, while on the eastern side is the Emaar Mivida project, and the northern side It is located in Katameya Compound, and on the western side is the water station.
  • This area is characterized by its calmness, as the housing density is low. Every 1000 km has 30,000 people, so it is one of the most beautiful areas away from noise. This neighborhood includes about 4 large recreational parks, the area of ​​​​one garden is 6000 meters, and there are many services, malls and marketing places .

South Academy neighborhood map:

  • .The South Academy neighborhood in the Fifth Settlement is one of the finest residential neighborhoods that enjoys calm and green spaces surrounding real estate from all directions. It is a distinctive area that includes many villas of different sizes and distinctive high-end designs.
  • This neighborhood is located near the Police Academy from the north, Al-Yasmeen neighborhood from the east, and Al-Ta’aseen Street from the south.
  • This neighborhood overlooks the Hassan Al Sharbatly Mosque, so this area is considered one of the most vital areas, despite the low density of housing in it, because this area is dedicated to villas only.

West Arabella District Map:

  • West Arabella is considered one of the high-end places that contains a large group of residential projects, in addition to the presence of many educational areas in it. On the northern borders of this area are the buildings of the fourth district, which includes a large group of residential projects for luxury housing. It is also located on the same side of the City Authority New Cairo, and to the east are the Arabella Amusement Park and the German University.
  • As for the western side of this area, the Katameya Heights compound is located, and on the southern side is the youth housing project. All residential units have facilities and are surrounded by services from all directions.
  • This is in addition to the presence of both the German University and the American School. You can easily reach Al-Taseen Street, which is 5 minutes away from this area, and you can also reach the ring road easily, as it is also 3 minutes away from this area.
  • This area is characterized by calm and privacy and the presence of the Arabella Golf area and is located near Golf Katameya, so book your unit now and enjoy privacy, security and relaxation.

Beit Al Watan area map:

  • Beit Al Watan project is considered one of the most important residential projects in the Fifth Settlement. It is a residential project submitted by the Urban Communities Authority, and this project was the main objective of encouraging investors from outside and inside Egypt, and the housing projects were built in a distinctive architectural style that mimics the European style.
  • This project is located in a privileged area between the extension of Al Rehab City and the extension of Madinaty. It is located on the northern side of this area, the Suez Road, on the southern side Sheikh Zayed Road, on the eastern side the New Ring Road, and on the west side Palma Hills Compound.
  • Bait Al Watan area includes 7 distinct and different residential neighborhoods in the interior designs of real estate. All residential projects are integrated with facilities and services. This area is located near the Plutonium Club and Wadi Degla Club. There are security and guard services.


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