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How to write off your apartment on red brick?

How to write off your apartment on red brick?

Do you have an apartment and don’t know how to write off your apartment? Finishing companies are expensive for you? Afraid of the occupation of the industrialists and the swindling in prices? And you don’t care about all of this, we will tell you how to finish your apartment on red bricks in 10 steps, and we will also tell you all the tools you may need for finishing and prices to make it easier for you, and you know how to follow up with the craftsmen and you understand everything in the basics of finishing.


Determine the internal division of the apartment:

This is the first stage that must take place after you receive your apartment on the red bricks, and before you start thinking about how to write off your apartment, which is that you determine the division of the apartment, how will it remain from the air.

But if you add anything, any modification before finishing will be much easier and will not lose you money.


Necessary tools:

  • Because the division stage is suitable for your needs, all you can need in this stage is mortar, and the best thing you can get is cement mortar, and perforated bricks are the best type because they allow the mortar to penetrate into it, and this will increase the hardness of the wall you are building.
  • But if you go for a cheaper type, you can use the closed or solid type, but this is the disadvantage that it reduces the strength of the wall.

Implementation steps:

All you will do is follow the craftsman to make sure that the sizes are correct and that he uses a ruler and string to build the new wall in order to avoid the defects of the clamshell in the next stages.


Electricity works :-

At this stage, you must buy the materials needed for electricity, and make sure that you choose clean and high-quality materials in order to avoid any internal faults after that.


Necessary tools:

Hoses, rosettes, sockets, wires, plastic boxes, electrical switches, dashboard switches, general circuits, branch “point” circuits, and a strong outlet for carrying heaters, microwaves and electric ovens.


Implementation steps:

  • Ensure that the boxes, outlets and assembly places of the panels on the walls conform to the designs.
  • Breaking the walls according to the engineering drawing that you chose.
  • But if you choose a specific engineering drawing, you will determine the division of electricity in your apartment according to your needs, the locations of the electrical switches, and the division of lighting as well.
  • Find out from the industrialists how much time they will need to get you done with electrical work and prices, and in general, the average workmanship of Kahrabani for a 100-meter apartment ranges between 3000 – 4000 pounds. And in the case of payment, you exchange half of the fare before the work begins, and the second half after the installation and noise of electricity, lights, and chandeliers have been eliminated.
  • Follow up with the industrialists the stages first, and the second step is supposed to fix the hoses with sand and cement in the places of crushing.
  • Installing wires, tampering with hoses, and locking them.
  • Agree with Al-Naqqah that he paints you with caution after the wires are installed.
  • After that, the electrician is Berkebulk and Al-Bariza in all rooms and bathrooms.


Best places to buy electrical supplies:

  • Al-Ruwai’i area, and the Barbara Path area, but if you are a resident of Alexandria, you can go to Al-Manshiyeh or Al-Attarin, but in all cases you must make a deal with the sellers because they double the prices.
  • But as for the lighting, you will find many shops in the mosque square that sell you bulbs of all shapes and colors!


Plumbing works:-

In this step, we connect the water to the kitchen and bathroom through the pipes, and the location of the sink, water outlets, sewage, and heater is determined, but in this stage we use the plumber.


Implementation steps:

  • Knowing the sizes of electrical appliances such as the stove, washing machine, and refrigerator and determining their location first.
  • The cost of workmanship for kitchen and bathroom plumbing works may remain in the range of 1500 pounds, and if you have a small bathroom, it can cost you between 500-800 pounds, and the plumber takes half of them to build and half to finish.
  • Buy pipe materials suitable for the plumbing process, such as “Aquatherm” and “Polypropylene”, because they are very practical and do not rust like cast iron and iron pipes, except that their life span is more than 50 years if you use them at the permitted temperatures and pressures. These are the best types of pipes for feeding and draining:
  • The best types for water feeding system: GI, Copper, PVC, , PPR, CPVC, PIPES.
  • The best types for the drainage system: PVC, RTR, CI, DI.
  • Buy the appropriate bathtub materials, and the best types are iron, because it is strong, its colors are shiny, its weight is heavy, and its price is good. Acrylic is because it is strong and its shapes are modern, and it is available in different models and colors.
  • Bathroom and bathtub installation.
  • Leave a distance of at least 20 cm between the bathtub and the wall.
  • Installing heater feed pipes. Bathroom shower installation.
  • If your apartment is on the ground floor, make sure that your drainage is separate from the drainage of the building, because with the first defect in the drainage of the building, the sewage may explode in your apartment.
  • Isolate the bathroom with insulating materials such as (membrain) to ensure that water does not leak or crack again.

Carpentry :-

Implementation steps:

  • Purchase carpentry supplies such as doors (preferably wood or aluminum), windows with grommets and skylights, and make sure that the grooves are free of cracks and cracks.
  • You must take the dimensions of the door and window, and determine the type and shape of the doors and windows in the apartment.
  • Installing a door to the apartment, and in the absence of it, a wooden door or an iron security door can be installed.
  • Installing room doors, preferably wooden, in order to be elegant and erect.
  • After that, you can agree with the carpenter, who will install the door and windows for you.
  • If the door to the apartment is made of wood, make sure that the thickness of the throat is 2 inches, which means approximately 5 cm, and the width is approximately 90 cm.
  • Make sure the carpenter uses the scale when installing the door so that it is straight on the ground without the need to expose it to inclinations after that.
  • Installing windows. It is preferable to use upcv windows, which are one of the finest materials in the world of windows. It is also possible to use aluminum or wood windows because they isolate dust and showers, unlike ordinary blinds.


This is one of the most important stages of how to finish your apartment and build an additional cement wall in order to ensure the strength and solidity of the walls in your apartment.

It is very important at this stage that you use a skillful oyster worker, so that the final result in the paint will look good, because you may find defects that you cannot correct with color and putty, such as the slopes of the walls and the deviation of the corners, and the agreement with him will be on the basis of square meters.

Tools needed:

cement sand and gypsum tiles.

Implementation steps:

  • Use the winch to lift the materials once because this will save you 40% of the labor cost.
  • You must raise the doors before you start working on the clamshell to keep the mortar from spoiling.
  • Use jar paper, cardboard, plastic, or paper bags used to fill the mortar, so that they do not sit in the openings of the electrical pipes and block them because it will be difficult for wires to pass through them after that.
  • Ensure that ceilings and walls are clean of casting residues.
  • Tighten the spacer wire.
  • Cement splatter to install the clamshell on the wall.
  • Puddle and string ludi are one of the best ways to settle a conch, but at the same time the most expensive.
  • The smoothing stage takes place after the implementation of the pit, and the technician begins to spread the cement mortar on the precaution after spraying it with water.
  • It is preferable to spray the white work in the morning and evening for a week to ensure an excellent white layer.


Ceiling, gypsum and cornice works:

The goal of this stage is to decorate the ceilings, make curtain houses, light houses, and places for spotlights. In this stage, it is possible to use ordinary gypsum or gypsum walls according to the type of finishing. In general, this stage takes 7-10 days to finish.

Types of gypsum:

Moss Weda who is used in the work of cornices. Gypsum board is used to decorate ceilings, install lights or lights on curtains or in the kitchen.

Prices: The price per square meter ranges from 90-130 pounds, depending on its quality.



This is one of the most important and longest stages in how to write off your apartment and use two knives to paint the walls of the entire apartment with putty. He walks and comes back to you again when you get rid of the ceramics to seal a third putty knife and sand it.

the prices:

  • The prevailing discussion meter ranges from 10-12 pounds.
  • The workmanship of the engraver ranges from 15-40 pounds per meter.


Ceramic and flooring:

In this step, you and your wife choose the type of flooring you want, but the most popular types are parquet and ceramic.

Tools needed: sand, white cement, black cement, and sack.

Prices: The price of installing a meter of ceramic ranges from 25-45 pounds per meter.

Implementation steps:

  • Flooring installation and follow-up with the craftsman day by day to make sure that it is installed correctly, because you may find errors such as the fact that the ceramic is beveled or not uniform or the drawing is not right.
  • make sure that the balance of the land is correct and the level of the ministries.
  • Overalls 8 cm wide must be installed on all walls in the apartment.
  • Covering the floor with cartons to preserve ceramic or porcelain.
  • When you choose the flooring, be careful that it has an aesthetic and modern character at the same time.

Best places to buy ceramics in Egypt: Tarseh, Grand Galleries, El Sallab, and Mahgoub.



At this stage, the discussion returns to the final color that you chose after your residential work, the paste No. 3 that we talked about during the discussion stage, and after that the last thing.

But it is necessary to follow it to make sure that there are no errors. And there are people who prefer to paint their apartment themselves because it is an easy step and can save you a lot of money.

Here are the tools and steps for implementation, because if you want to do this task on your own:

Necessary tools:

  • 2 putty knives
  • Manual broom
  • sakina rashma
  • 2 rolls, expandable
  • stick to roll
  • scaffold
  • a ladder or two
  • abrasive stone (flint)
  • stinger goggles
  • At least 2 petals (depending on the size of the apartment)
  • 15 – 20 bags of acrylic putty (GLC)
  • Two super excellent paste
  • emery

Implementation steps:

  • Clean the walls and floors of gypsum and cement drips, because they contain substances that contribute to the disintegration of ceramics from the floors.
  • Use a material to block the pores of the oysters, so you don’t have to brush the paint.
  • You will paint a sealer on the wall on the oyster, and on each sealer seed you will find instructions for use and the amount of water to be diluted with. This stage is called “grinding.”
  • Choose the appropriate and consistent colors with the colors of furniture, floors, carpets and curtains.
  • Use the roller or brush and move it quickly so that the color dries with you as quickly as possible.
  • After you’re done, use sandpaper to remove any rough growths on the caution.
  • But if the discussion is the one who will paint your apartment, you must know that doors and windows have a different cost than painting the walls.


Final Finishing:-

In conclusion, you must make sure that the next steps are completed:

  • The electrician installs the brace covers, the key, and the main dashboard.
  • The carpenter installs the koalas and oakers and locks the doors after finishing the paints.
  • Purchase and installation of sink, mixers, plinths, faucets and manhole covers.
  • Install door handles, and you will find a large assortment of them and they are very sweet in “Al-Ruwai’i” in Al-Mosky.
  • Choosing the right home decor.

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